The highs & lows... riding the wave.

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Whilst this pic was taken on a day when life really did feel like paradise...truth is not every day does.
Not for me, or anyone. 
This is just a friendly reminder that regardless of what you see on social media EVERYONE has highs & lows. 

Whether that’s in their energy, their emotional state, their focus, their connections, their productivity or their psychology.
We are all frequency. Waves. 

Moving through the dips is part of the process.
Sure, as we evolve, do the inner work & elevate... the drops become less deep & less frequent. But being human means a dip will come.
The Question is who you be when it does? How do you respond? 

Do you notice it & navigate it without attaching meaning? 

Or do you negate it & shove it down...aka deny, delete, distort.
Or do you make it mean more than it really does, attach to the pain points & in doing so extend & extrapolate the experience?
Hmmm, something to notice.
I find it helpful to...

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Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

They are a huge gift! I’ve been saying this for years, but it’s worth repeating.
So often we can fall into the trap of worrying that people will disagree with our way of being (decisions/opinions/actions/beliefs...clothes even!!) to the point that we are afraid to express our truth or decide anything for ourselves...instead we tow the line of conformity for safety. .... when in actuality your critics are your best friends...they help you ensure your sovereignty my assuring your alignment with your truth.

If you use them correctly.

You see.

When someone reacts in resistance to you or your way of being... you have several choices. Yet most choose one of the following two.

1. Doubt yourself & conform (not recommended as the default, but so often where peeps go) .

2. Resist receiving their opinion at all, for fear of having to change, edit or look at yourself. 

When, INSTEAD you could...

Receive the feedback & use it to discern YOUR...

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Happiness and Joy - The 5 Essential Elements

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

OY.....Kinda the meaning of life when you boil it right down. Embodying happiness & bliss.... it’s what we’re all here to experience.
Yet so few of us know this as our constant reality because true happiness requires that we: 

1) Like who we are (self love)
2) Be who we truly are- embrace & express our authentic real selves (Self Sovereignty) 
3) Do what we truly enjoy & value (Alignment) .

4) Connect authentically & deeply with others, self & spirit (Belonging) .

5) Be in service to others- embody & spread love & light (Truth).
Simple right. .

Yet sadly. Due to our collective conditioning, we hold ourselves back from some or ALL of the above. Making happiness harder to obtain than it ought to be.
However, we always have the superpower of choice. Always.
We can stay stuck. Keep sabotaging and be in suffering...
we can accept absolute accountability for our reality. 

Yup, that takes courage... and time and effort. ,
But rather...

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Heartbreak, 'Failure' & The 'Myth of Forever'

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

I’ve given up trying to figure out the universes plan for me.

I’ve also, if I’m 100% honest given up on what I now call the ‘myth of forever’.

The myth that something has to last a lifetime to be sacred, valuable or sublime.

For instance, my relationship with the father of my children (my childhood sweetheart & ex-husband).... lasted 17 years (as a couple) & included an abundance of lessons, adventures & laughter...not to mention 2 divine angels.

Did our marriage last forever? Nope.

Did I think it would? Yes.

Should it have lasted forever? No. Not for his or my best interests & highest good.

In so many areas, but perhaps relationships especially, we mistake change, transition or growth for failure when it is simply, in reality, evolution.

When someone leaves/loses a job or changes a career or moves away is often initially viewed as ‘loss’ or an ‘ending’.... when in truth (as revealed by time) it actually...

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The little acknowledged "must do" to flourish in health, work & love.

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

My MAN!! Haven’t seen him in four weeks. Won’t see him for three more!

That's the reality of long-distance love.

annnnd... to make it work, do you know what it requires?

Aha, yup, yes...all those things- Trust, Patience, Commitment, Independence, Selfies ;-)..and...

It also requires something else. Something that we need in our relationships, our careers, our health...that no one really talks about.

The reason no one talks about this "one thing" is it feels like betrayal or weakness to admit that it's even needed.

I want to lift the lid, so we can all accept that it is a necessary part of any & all success.

In all areas of our life.

This one ingredient ALL worthwhile endeavours require?


We hate to admit it... but we can fall out of anything easily.

Am I right, or am I right??!!

Ask it easy? Yup!

We can fall off the Health horse. Ooohhhh this one is so easy... 3 days into a new program we can slide sideways. Back to old habits. Sooooo easy....

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To Reboot or not to Reboot!

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

That is the question.

If you search for the definition of ‘reboot’ on the web it will say (in reference to a computer or computer system) ‘to shut down and restart/boot again’.

I love this as it offers a beautifully, clear metaphor of when exactly we should reboot our bodies or lives. We reboot our computers when they are stuck. When they don’t function as we would desire, or as optimally as could. We reboot the computer when we want to cease an operation completely and change course.

The same is true for when to reboot your body and life.

We need to hit the reboot button when we feel stuck, want to operate more optimally, stop a pattern that’s taken hold or when we want to change course.

A great time to choose to reboot is when:

  • Your digestion is sluggish or when you’ve fallen further into destructive eating patterns and choices than you’d like
  • Your energy is lower than you know it can be. Waking up tired or slump into tiredness...
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Thanks for stopping by!

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Hey! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so honoured that you're here!

My name is Marina Perry. I'm the founder and owner of PURE Health Clubs, as well as creator and curator of the innovative business and life programs, Dreambuilder and Entity Identity. Through my companies, I've helped thousands of men and women transform their health, reclaim their joy, and revolutionise their lives.

And I want you to be the next person to join me in this exciting and invigorating journey.

In my humble and happy little corner of the internet, I promise to share what I've learned in nearly two decades of dedicated service in the health and wellness industry. I'll offer my musings on health, heartfulness, and what it means to live with passion, purpose, and play.

I'll share game-changing ideas about how to lose your limits, love life, and live your dreams.

In short: I'll help you be, do, and have everything that you were born to experience in this incredible gift we call LIFE!

A Few Things I...
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Snorkelling & Self Development: Are You Afraid Of Diving Below The Surface?

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Snorkelling and self development...same, same.

I've realised on my recent trip to the Maldives that I love snorkelling for the same reasons I love to life coach.

Looking from the outside, at the surface, we get one picture....perhaps aquamarine waters or turmultuous seas; or a high achieving got-it-all-together human or perhaps a person presenting as an angry sad individual.

But once we dive under the surface, the true hidden gems are revealed.

In water we see coral and fish of all descriptions.... moving in all directions at once but with an overarching sense of order and structure. The beauty and simplistic complexity is often overwhelming.

The same of life coaching.

Sitting with someone and holding space to take that journey under the surface.... wow the ecosystems we can witness there.... the unique combinations of needs, values, beliefs and fears that swirl together to create their 'under surface' world.

Whether dark oceans or light waters, there always exists beauty below. And...

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Quality Over Quantity

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

We’ve heard it plenty of times before.

One true, good friend is worth a dozen false friends. 100%

One good, hard working team member is better than several slackers.

One good man (or woman) is worth the weight of many.

So I’m sure you’ll agree more often than not, the saying rings true. Of course there will be the exception, like in the case of money ;-) but for the most part we can concur that seeking out the quality option will render us so much better off, than chasing the quantity option.

I just wanted to point out several ways this is absolutely true in regards to your health and wellness journey. I invite you to explore ways you can begin to introduce more quality (and less quantity) this week and for the rest of your life.

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to: Abdominal work

Those who have attended the ‘Flat Belly Formula’ Workshop hopefully know this with certainty now. Side Note: If you haven’t yet attended, don’t do another...

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Choices. Commitment. Change.

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

2017 has me all kinds of excited!

How about you?

I’m stepping up and hoping you are too.

Stepping up to bring to myself and the world, the best of me.

I’m determined to show up in all my glory! No, I don’t mean naked.

I’m committed to being authentic and owning who I am without apology!

Who’s with me?

Do I do that already? Yes & no. Sometimes, I still play small and hang back. Thinking… “now’s not the time” or “there’ll be other chances” or “someone already does it” or ” I need to know more, do it better, do more… etc”

I bet if your honest with yourself, sometimes you do too.

But I’m calling hogwash…Bollocks…Bulllllllllsh*t.

So, all the ideas and programs I’ve been sitting on, they’re coming out.

All the things I’ve been waiting to do or too afraid to do…I’m doin ’em.

I encourage you too as well.

I used to pride myself...

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