To Reboot or not to Reboot!

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

That is the question.

If you search for the definition of ‘reboot’ on the web it will say (in reference to a computer or computer system) ‘to shut down and restart/boot again’.

I love this as it offers a beautifully, clear metaphor of when exactly we should reboot our bodies or lives. We reboot our computers when they are stuck. When they don’t function as we would desire, or as optimally as could. We reboot the computer when we want to cease an operation completely and change course.

The same is true for when to reboot your body and life.

We need to hit the reboot button when we feel stuck, want to operate more optimally, stop a pattern that’s taken hold or when we want to change course.

A great time to choose to reboot is when:

  • Your digestion is sluggish or when you’ve fallen further into destructive eating patterns and choices than you’d like
  • Your energy is lower than you know it can be. Waking up tired or slump into tiredness throughout the day
  • When regular choices or our daily habits do not support us being the highest version of ourselves
  • You’re living life with less happiness, optimism and energy than you know you could.

Essentially we choose to reboot because we want more. More energy, more vitality, more positivity and joy.

Well that’s why you would do ‘Pure’s 12 Day Reboot’ at least.

This short, yet effective program was one I designed when I wanted to address the little habits that result in big changes.

You know, the going to bed too late, being on social media too much, not drinking enough water, eating too much processed foods and drinks…. feeling flat, tired and hopeless.

It’s what I loving call the ‘line in the sand’ program where you ‘lovingly bitch-slap’ yourself awake and back on track. It’s the perfect antidote to those moments when you’ve had ‘enough’. When your so ‘urghhhh’ at yourself and your choices that you have enough energy and momentum to step into a program that is guaranteed to u-turn you back on track and get you flowing effortlessly in the right direction again.

I truly love this program for a couple reasons.

One: its length
It’s just right. Not too short, not too long…. goldilocks would agree Reboots length is on point. It’s a great length because you can commit and stay fully engaged and focused for 12 days.

Two: the daily workouts with your trainer (face to face)
They help to keep you accountable, focused and connected with your Reboot community. The workouts themselves are so awesome at pushing your metabolic conditioning through the roof and allowing you to actually see and feel your own progress. This combined with the truly delicious 12 day meal plan is your winning formula for success. The meal plan is brilliant at teaching you how to quickly and easily create meals for fat-burning, muscle synthesis, nutrient density and cellular vitality.

Three:  the juice cleanse starter
It’s the definition of reboot after all…. to turn off/stop…. and then reboot. That one day of truly allowing the digestion to rest, to reset and to reboot is critical to the phenomenal results clients achieve in such short period. It helps us (where relevant) to quickly curb and reset your sugar and caffeine craving, your tendency to overeat, your emotional connection and dependence on food and comfort eating. That one day of only mega-rich nourishment via liquids is vital to the cleaning of your body internally and your mindset and lifestyle externally. It’s like pressing pause of the old programs or essentially un-wiring them ….. so that we can ‘reboot’ to a much more effective and prosperous program. One that will transform they way you eat, more and think.

Four: the lifestyle/mindset exercises
Everyday there are tasks to complete, or simple questions to answer or habits to ‘try on’.
Truly this aspect of the reboot has a much farther reaching and transformative impact than most anticipate. It’s not what we do occasionally, but what we do daily that most affects our outcomes in life. How we structure our time, our habits and our thoughts is critical to long term success. Spending 12 days enacting 12 powerful new habits is quite literally a game-changer.

So now you know why I love this little beauty so much. I guess the only question remains is it foryou right now??

Well in an attempt to help you gain clarity on that …. feel into it and ask yourself:

Do I have areas of my life or health that I want to up-level?

Do I feel a little stuck or like I’m treading water and chasing my tail?

Am I ready to create a change in my health and mindset that will have me feeling limitless and joy filled?

If you answered yes to even one of the above, you’ll get what you’re seeking from this short but strong change-facilitating program!!

When is the right time to create change? Well the only actual time you can consciously choose to is in your now. Procrastinating or postponing (even with the best of intentions) is really leaving date in the hands and mood of a future to hopefully choose to create change in their ‘now’.

The reason my favourite time for the 12 day reboot is it’s the last one for the year!

Well, I believe strongly in energy cycles… meaning we’re either spiralling upwards or we’re spiralling downwards. There is no staying ‘still’ in life (or nature). I personally love to come at the crazy festive season and step into a new year with my A-game firing strong.

I love nothing better than feeling invincible and full of integrity around myself, my health and my life. The transition from old to new calendar years offer us a beautiful opportunity to level-up towards even higher versions of ourselves with purpose.

If you’re ready to do just that, consider joining us for the Pure 12 Day Reboot.

Marina x0x


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