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They are a huge gift! I’ve been saying this for years, but it’s worth repeating.
So often we can fall into the trap of worrying that people will disagree with our way of being (decisions/opinions/actions/beliefs...clothes even!!) to the point that we are afraid to express our truth or decide anything for ourselves...instead we tow the line of conformity for safety. .... when in actuality your critics are your best friends...they help you ensure your sovereignty my assuring your alignment with your truth.

If you use them correctly.

You see.

When someone reacts in resistance to you or your way of being... you have several choices. Yet most choose one of the following two.

1. Doubt yourself & conform (not recommended as the default, but so often where peeps go) .

2. Resist receiving their opinion at all, for fear of having to change, edit or look at yourself. 

When, INSTEAD you could...

✨Receive the feedback & use it to discern YOUR truth for YOURself. 
Someone holding a difference in opinion to you is a gift to you to go within & feel your truth. 

In making this your practice. You may decide two things:

✨That you are even more certain that your thing that they are in resistance true is 100% aligned & true for you! #Gift
✨Or you might have your knowing, understanding or options opened up & EXPANDED by their sharing/perspective...allowing you to modify & either tweak, pivot or totally course correct in a way that is actually even more aligned for you. #Gift

So don’t fight or resist your critics. Receive their feedback. Use & allow it to either affirm & strengthen your alignment with your truth or use it to fine-tune or edit into your TRUE alignment. 

If it eventuates that their criticism leaves you more affirmed in your truth...but still on a different path to receive YET another gift. The opportunity to act in accordance with your TRUTH in spite of external resistance.

The self TRUST you will gain in strengthening the muscle this requires will set you free & assure your self-sovereignty. #gift .🙏

How do you receive critics? Does it serve you?
..& TAG Someone who would benefit from this ❤️


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