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The School of Growth's WHOLE Coaching Certification is the most comprehensive training of this kind on the planet. It is the deepest of deep dives into how yourself, humans and 'we' as a collective operate. The learnings and skills gained are truly life-changing, both for our graduates and their future clientele.  

Please complete this application process to help us discern whether you and the WHOLE Coaching Certification are the right fit for one another at this time. 


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Your full name, email and best contact number.

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Tell us a little about you! What lights you up? What pains you? Where do you live and with whom... what fills your days etc.

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Why do you want to apply for the WHOLE Coaching Certification?

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How did you hear about WHOLE Coaching Certification? What lead you to us?

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What is the most important thing you want to get out of this program?

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What are you willing to:
1) let go of
2) step into/open to receive the shifts/outcome you are looking for?

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What is your biggest concern about becoming a coach and completing this certification?

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Are you ready to do your own deep dive #growthwork?
Are you ready to a
pply our expansive range of change-work methodologies, processes, blueprints, and tools to yourself as you learn and move through the curriculum? Are you open to working through your own triggers, limiting beliefs etc?

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What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?

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Do you have any other qualifications or complimentary skills that you would like to tell us about?

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Are you aware of the investment (course fees) to join the WHOLE certification? Have you seen our upfront discount and payment plan options?





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If you are accepted into the next intake for our Coaching Certification course, how would you like to make payment?


I would like to pay upfront


I would like to take the payment plan


I would like to have a chat with someone about payments options

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What would you bring to this community (and the world) as your highest and best self?

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Do you have any questions?

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